#AndNEW: The Ace Slays The Beast As Jordan Devlin Topples WALTER for OTT World Title

Photo: OTT

It’s been one of the most compelling storylines in European wrestling (and arguably the world) for the past year, as the “Ace” of Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling, NXT UK star Jordan Devlin, has tried to overcome the tragic loss of his OTT World Championship to the Austrian juggernaut WALTER last year. Since then, he’s faced criticism and doubt, as well as betrayal and setbacks, all leading up to Saturday night’s

Following his defeat of David Starr last month at OTT Homecoming, Devlin turned his attention fully on WALTER, the “elephant in the room”, the anomaly who had conquered the world with World title wins in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) in the US, PROGRESS Wrestling in England and OTT in Ireland.

On Saturday night, the “Ace” of Irish Wrestling reclaimed his “Import Killer” moniker from years past, as he defeated WALTER once and for all, to take back his OTT World Championship and return Irish pride to the title. Our own Alex Richards was at the National Stadium on Saturday night and captured the atmosphere the moment Jordan reclaimed the gold.