Joy as Operation Transformation leader announces she's pregnant after coping

Tonight’s surprise announcement will mean that the Limerick native will be withdrawing from the programme, but viewers will be hoping she will walk the catwalk for the finale in week eight. 

Last month, Jean (33) had viewers in tears after revealing her first pregnancy was ectopic and how her baby girl Sloane passed away when she was just five days old following her second pregnancy.

Jean got pregnant once again later in 2018, but miscarried. 

But a delighted Joan told her fellow leaders the good news, a moment which was broadcast on tonight’s programme.

“It’s been kind of a shock to all of us,” she said. “I am so calm, it’s from nourishing my body… getting my head into a better space.”

The sales and marketing manager in House nightclub in Limerick told recently that she hopes she can help others by sharing her story. 

“I have to believe there’s a reason something like this is happening, that’s just who I am, that’s how I look at it,” she said at the time. 

Jean Tierney and her fiancé Paddy.
Jean Tierney and her fiancé Paddy.

“It’s something that people don’t know how to talk about or how to approach, and if hearing my story helps people, then I feel that there was a purpose for it to happen to me.

“When Sloane passed away, we didn’t know what way we were going to approach it… But we had an open funeral – and we asked people two things: that you came with a smile and came [wearing] colourful clothes.

“We were so proud of our daughter because we saw what she did in those five days. We wanted to make sure that we honoured her and that we celebrated her life.” 

Marking the first anniversary of Sloane’s death last month, Jean stepped away from the Operation Transformation cameras to spend a day with her partner Paddy. 

As she told Kathryn Thomas her story, the RTÉ presenter also opened her about how she suffered two miscarriages before she had her daughter Ellie. 

“I know how close I was after everything that we fought for,” she said. 

“We made it, we were the lucky ones and I think that’s what it boils down to.”

Jean is planning to marry her fiancé Paddy in the near future and has a size ten wedding dress in mind.

“I’ve been pregnant for three years, but I need my body to feel like mine for a little while,” she said recently. 

“The dress I want which I am wearing, I will fit in that.”

Meanwhile the four other leaders faced the weighing scales again to see if they had reached their respective targets.

Pamela Swayne from Youghal, Co Cork successfully reached her 3Ibs target and is aiming to lose another 2Ibs by next week.

Cathal Gallagher from Ballyshannon in Donegal also achieved his goal of 4Ibs. He lost 11lbs altogether and was set a target of 3lbs for next week.  

Paul Murphy from Tubercurry, Co Sligo lost 4lbs after he smashed his 3lbs target.

Dublin’s Siobhan O’Brien had an expected weight loss of 2lbs, but lost 5lbs. Her target again for next week is 2lbs.

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