McNaughton Antrim's hero

Conceding 2-1 in two minutes put Kildare under pressure and laid a roadmap for Antrim’s performance.

McNaughton had 1-1 on the board within 90 seconds and Keelan Molloy added his goal.

Kildare responded with points from Ryan Casey, Brian Byrne and Bernard Deay, but by the time McNaughton scored his second goal, Antrim led 3-6 to 0-3 in the 20th minute.

Leading 3-10 to 0-8 at half-time meant Antrim could breathe in the second half.

From the 45th minute to 58th, Kildare hit a purple patch for scores, though it was Byrne’s effort that dragged his team to a six-point gap with 12 minutes left.

When Antrim needed an injection to dismiss Kildare’s revival, McNaughton forced his way inside the Kildare defence for their fourth goal in the 63rd minute.

SCORERS – Antrim: J McNaughton 3-10 (4f, 1 ’65); K Molloy 1-3; N McKeague 0-3; D McKinley 0-2; N Elliot and C Clarke 0-1 each. Kildare: B Byrne 0-11 (6f); B Deay 1-1; J Burke 0-3; C Smith 0-2; R Casey and P Divilly 0-1 each.

ANTRIM – R Elliot; S Rooney, J Dillon, P Duffin; R Molly, S McCrory, M Donnelly; C McCann, J O’Connell; N Elliot, J McNaughton, N McKeague; C McHugh, K Molloy, C Clarke. Subs: K Rice for Clarke (h-t); D McKinley for O’Connell (40); Conor Boyd for McHugh (50); Conor Patterson for Duffin (50).

KILDARE – M Doyle; C Dervan, J Doran, J Doolan; S Christiansen, M Fitzgerald, D Cahill; P Divilly, A Kelly; B Cormack, B Byrne, B Deay; C Dowling, C Smith, R Casey. Subs: J Burke for Kelly (22); R Kelly and K Whelan for Dowling and Cormack (33); P Feerick and A Kelly for Casey and Cahill (55).

REF – K Brady (Louth)

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