There's a new podcast about Ireland's failing mental health system coming soon

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Where There’s A Will plans to examine the country’s dysfunctional mental health system and consider why so many people in need of help have been left behind.

Produced by mental health charity so-founded by Bressie, A Lust For Life, the podcast will include voices of professionals in the sector as well as those who have experience of mental health issues or been affected by the system.

The charity’s chairperson and CEO, Paula McLoughlin, will be hosting the six-part podcast.

She said that they decided to make the series because they believe that, despite the many issues currently existing in the mental health sector, “solutions are out there.”

She said:

“We can influence our political leaders to drive towards a mental health system that truly serves our beautiful island.

“It is a privilege to bring together so many smart, articulate and informed people to share their perspectives on mental health in Ireland. This podcast provides a ‘state of the nation’ on the mental health system as it is today – and, more importantly, provides a roadmap for a better future.”

A Lust For Life editor and podcast producer Ciara O’ Connor Walsh said that the podcast focuses on many issues and deconstructs them to try and “make things better.”

She said:

“We learned a huge amount in making this series, and we hope people listening will learn a lot too.

“Importantly this work is not just about going over the old ground of everything that’s wrong with the system – it is about articulating the change that is both necessary and possible.”

Where There’s A Will‘s introductory episode will launch Monday, November 12.

You can listen to the trailer here. 

November is Mental Health Month on Her, where we’ll be talking to you and the experts about some of the common – and the not so common – disorders and conditions affecting women in Ireland today. 

You can follow the rest of our Mental Health Month series here. 

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