The reason why Queen Elizabeth will allow pregnant Meghan to choose her baby name

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they are due to have their baby in the Spring of 2019, speculations about their child’s name have been rife.

Like many Royal births, everyone is excited to know the name of the most popular Royal couple – the Duchess and Duke of Sussex’s baby.

In fact, Britons are already placing bets to guess which Royal name the couple will choose.

While the bets are on more traditional names, a Royal expert recently revealed that Queen Elizabeth II may allow Meghan and Harry to opt for a more unique name.

And there is a Royal connection to it.

Apparently if you are not close to the succession line then you are allowed by the Queen to choose an untraditional name.

A source told Vogue Australia that, “The further down the line of succession, the more likely you are to have a more unique or untraditional name. We see, from the diversity of names among the Queen’s descendants, that the Queen does seem willing to allow the descendants to choose their own names.”

Seems like Meghan might just end up choosing an American name for her child after all.

Apart from the name of the child, Meghan and Harry will have to follow all the Royal rules during the birth. Apparently the couple will follow the footsteps of Kate Middleton and Prince William, and announce the name of their baby a couple of days later.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to wait a couple of days before announcing the names.

Kensington Palace Twitter account had announced the birth of each child and the gender, but did not reveal the name straight away.

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