Look! Shirley lashes out at Linda and Stuart on EastEnders

After learning Linda has kicked Tina out of The Vic and is siding with Stuart, a furious Shirley gets her own back on Linda, get a sneak peek at the drama here.

Coming up in EastEnders, Shirley makes a surprise return to The Vic and when she learns what’s been going on she loses her cool with Linda and Stuart.

Shirley loses her cool in The Vic

As Kat works the bar, Shirley throws Linda’s things over the bar and kicks Linda and Stuart out.

Shirley throws Linda’s things over the bar

Needless to say, Linda is fuming. How will she react?

Linda is not happy when Shirley kicks her out of The Vic

Watch theses scenes air on EastEnders on Tuesday, November 20.

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