Corrie fans figured out where they know Nick's secret wife from and ah yeah

If you thought your industry was small, you’d want to take a seat and have a look at the soap world.

Everybody knows everybody, it’s repetitive, it’s incestuous, you can’t turn on a show on a weekday without seeing somebody you knew from Holby City or Brookside or one of them back in the day.

It’s like the Workman’s smoking area if the Workman’s smoking area was the UK soap scene and also not full of lads asking why you’re still wearing your repeal jumper.

Anyway, during last night’s instalment of Coronation Street, fans were quick to spot that they absolutely recognised Nick’s secret wife, Elsa, from somewhere else.

Here she is.

Recognise her?

You should. Or you shouldn’t. Maybe you have better things to be doing than siting around watching TV all day and securing a mental bank of actors for your own personal consumption.

Either way, she’s from Casualty, so there you go.

Actor Kelly Harrison played paramedic Nikki in the show a few years back. She was then in a couple of episodes of The Bill as well as The End Of The F**king World. 

Anyway, Corrie viewers were fairly delighted when they figured out where they knew Elsa from thanks to, you know, the power of the internet, probably.

Well done, guys. Nailed it.

This comes after Leanne Battersby suggested that Steve McDonald might have “bionic sperm” during last night’s episode.

Fearing that she might have gotten pregnant via Steve again, recovering Leanne told Nick that she was really worried about her “mistake” ie, sleeping with Steve again.

Thankfully, Steve’s sperm are not “bionic” and Leanne is not pregnant.

Great to see it.